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12.08.2009 Editorial

See Evil Camped Across The Horizon!!!

By Daily Guide
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TIMES ARE hard, cruel, nasty, and rough and the future is bleak.  This country is gradually becoming the battleground of contending doom; cocaine menace, armed   robbery, contract killings, road accidents and 'Sakawa'. 

One has nowhere to hide his or her head and life is brutish and hell. 

There is evil camped everywhere across the horizon as we trudge on like tired desert travelers, looking for water to drink.  

Sometimes we wake up shivering and fearful like American Marines entering the Tora Bora Mountains in Afghanistan, in search of Osama bin Laden. 

Going to work at dawn is as dangerous as coming back home in the night. Anytime the cock crows at dawn, we wake up trembling and unsure as to what will happen to us. 

Seven months into the regime of professor Mills and his NDC government and the elusive antidotes to the above mentioned calamities, as promised by the professor, are still elusive.   

In the run-up to the 2008 general elections, the professor told Ghanaians that he would “deal ruthlessly” with drug barons.  It has been half a year since the NPP handed over power to the professor; sadly the cocaine menace is getting out of hands. 

The recent arrest made at the Tema harbour where large quantities of cocaine hidden in a container were seized and the continuous swallowing of the stuff by traffickers, attest to the fact that we are not winning the war at all. 

When the president of the sovereign state of Ghana voluntarily stripped naked like a strip tease dancer at the Kotoka International Airport to be searched, I got ants in my pants and laughed till I nearly broke a rib.  The gentleman thought we were fools.  Why did he not submit himself for similar search when he traveled to Nigeria, Libya and Egypt recently?

Anyway, were his wife and the other members of his entourage searched when they went to London?

The noise made by the NDC on the cocaine issue is firing back at them.  They knew all along that not even the mighty United States of America has been able to fully curb the cocaine menace. 

All over the world, nations and governments for that matter are struggling to contain the drug menace, but hard as they tried, the drug barons kept changing their modus operandi. 

Today, as the cocaine trade continues in Ghana, should we refer to the NDC as a 'cocaine party' as they did with the NPP? 

The truth is that, to succeed in fighting the cocaine menace, this country should stop doing politics with the issue and treat it as a national one.  Even during the revolutionary days when guns ruled supreme, people dared the devil and engaged in the sale of cocaine.  

You see, the issue of drug addiction among the youth in particular did not start today.  In the early seventies, hard drugs nearly enslaved the youth to the extent that heads of second circle institutions met to deliberate on the menace. 

Seminars were organized and councilors took it upon themselves to visit schools to explain the dangers involved in drug addiction. 

What our politicians are doing today is not the best method to help curb the menace.  The time is up for us to throw politics to the dogs and take the issue seriously before the youth are destroyed. 

Ever seen a young man or woman who has contracted “turkey” after becoming addicted to cocaine before?  You will think twice if you see one.  Your daughter or son who is pursuing a course at the university or secondary school could fall victim. It is a serious matter, you know.   

When about five people including the Manager of Ghana Commercial Bank were gunned down, the professor and his mentor said it was “contract killings”. Today people are gunned down almost everyday but we are yet to hear from the professor.  Or maybe he wants another professor   to also coin a new name for the new killings. 

If professor Mills gets the opportunity to listen to all the recorded rhetoric he made during the electioneering campaign, I believe he will never hesitate to come out boldly to beg Ghanaians for forgiveness.  He was simply doing 'poilitricks' which went in his favour anyway.   

As for road accidents, the least said about it, the better.  Immediately this government took over power, the slaughter on our roads escalated.  When it reached a crescendo, men and women of God had to come in to pray for the nation, to deliver us from evil. 

In a matter of three months, more than two hundred Ghanaians lost their lives through road accidents.  What name should we give to this calamity which happened and continues to happen when the NDC is in power? 

During the 2008 political campaign, the NDC apparatchiks told Ghanaians that when the party came to power, they would make sure all policemen and women were removed from the roads.  According to them, the police were unnecessarily harassing drivers and causing accidents through road blocks.   

Drivers clapped for the NDC and followed it up by voting massively for the party.  What are we seeing today?  More policemen on the roads, more road accidents, leading to more deaths!   

It was candidate Mills who told us that he would mobilize all resources and forces to subdue armed robbers.  We believed in him and voted for him to do so.  Today not only civilians are robbed and killed, but even policemen who are supposed to fight the robbers are being mowed down. 

The armed robbers have become so daring that they even seized a military vehicle recently at the outskirts of Obuasi in the Ashanti Region.  Meanwhile the promised resources for the police are not forthcoming.

The armed robbery situation has taken a new turn, with foreigners being the target.  If things continue like this, the tourism industry will collapse whiles foreign investors shy away from Ghana.   

'Sakawa'?  This is absolute madness.  When did it start and when will it end?   Have we come this far all too soon?  I do not blame the youth for indulging in this absurdity. 

The way people display their wealth and the ostentatious lifestyles of some Ghanaians have forced the youth to get on the bad foot in order to get rich quick.  You visit a place like East Legon and compare it to Nima, Sodom and Gomorra or Agbogbloshie, and you will realize just how desperate the youth are to get rich quick. But the seriousness of this 'Sakawa' thing is that it is creating a very bad image for the country.  Those of us who are quietly plying our trade, minding our own business and “sitting our somewhere”, will be the losers.   Say your prayer before you sleep because life is too short!!!

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