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13.01.2009 Business

African Payment Card Security Conference - Speaking, Participating, Sponsorship

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Africa's Payment Card Security event will hold on the 27th January 2009 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa.

The conference is organized with VISA CEMEA. The African Information Security Association AISA is also supporting PCI Johannesburg. Africa's Payment Card Security Conference January 2009

The forum is about Data Security, Information Security and Payment Card Security. The unique PCI African event is essentially dedicated to PCI DSS, Payment Card Security, but it will also cover topics such as: Fraud in Sub-Saharan Africa; Latest updates on hacking and the vulnerabilities facing organizations.

Exhibiting, Speaking, Participating?

Interested in exhibiting, sponsoring, speaking or selling your product/services to this largely unexplored market?

PCI Johannesburg is interested in discussing with individuals, organizations and representatives of companies that offer vendors services, consultancy or solutions (IT Consultancy, Pre-Audit Services, Qualified Security Assessor, Approved Scanning Vendor, IT Auditing, Audit and Compliance Services, Secure Storage, Software Vendor or similar companies).

To get involved click the following link for details:

Africa's Payment Card Security Conference January 2009

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