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21.11.2008 Football News

It's Make Or Break For Black Starlets

With a 3-1 first leg win under their belt, it's tempting to declare Ghana's Black Starlets as the ultimate winner of the tie with the Baby Scorpions of Gambia in the light of their crucial second leg on Saturday in the Gambian capital.

The winner gets one of the slots for the next African Champions to be staged in Algeria next year.

Whilst the Ghanaians' confidence appears to have been bolstered for the encounter following their first leg win, they will learn the hard way how hostile the Gambian terrain could be at this crucial stage.

Indeed with the Gambians' single away goal, this weekend's encounter could be a knife-edge experience rather than an easy passage for the Ghanaians tomorrow.

The twinkle twinkle twinkle little stars will be beckoned to one of their most difficult encounters in their quest for qualification.

An anticipated thriller of nerves and wits, tomorrow's encounter will be a rare show of African combat as the Gambians, unwilling to succumb in yet another duel to Ghana after their under-20 side lost before their very eyes to their Ghanaian counterparts, will employ unorthodox means to overcome the Starlets.

Barely five days to the game, the Gambians have shifted the game ahead of the original Sunday fixed for the duel, clearly in a bid to unsettle the Ghanaians. That is a slice of what the Starlets will encounter on Sunday.

When they played at the Baba Yara Stadium, the Scorpions ebulliently took the stage, exhibited a nerve-breaking outfit, and in the earlier stages of the game ran the Ghanaian rugged, even to the point of snatching the equaliser with impudence in the early stages when the Starlets got the opener.

Fortunately for Ghana, Coach Afranie has discovered a cutting-edge in the talented Ebo Andoh whose nimble-foot conjured the magic at the difficult stages of the first leg, resulted in two goals for the Starlets.

On Sunday the venerable Afranie will certainly use Andoh who confounded his markers in the last game and, together with the likes of Kwame Nsor and Mahmatma Otoo who has improved tremendously in the last two outings of the team, will call the bluff of the Gambians.