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19.11.2008 Football News

DOL Board Moves To Avert Match-Fixing

> DOL Board Moves To Avert Match-Fixing

All matches in the special Division One Middle League starting tomorrow are to start at 3 p.m. prompt to forestall the possibility of match fixing.

All four teams in the race — Fair Point, Seven United, Hotspurs and Zaytuna — and officials for the respective matches are to report for pre-match conferences at 11 a.m.

The arrangements are part of administrative guidelines drafted by the Division One League Board (DOLB) of the GFA to steer the six-match league towards a fair end.

Fair Point play Seven United at the El-Wak Stadium in a Zone 3A affair, while Hotspurs face Zaytuna at the Legon Park in a Zone 3B clash. The next two rounds will be played on Thursday and Saturday.

The league by the Zone 3 clubs has been necessitated by the sanctions suffered by Nania FC, Okwawu United, Great Mariners and Mighty Jets for indulging in matches of convenience in their last matches in the original league for promotion of one club from Zone 3 of the Division One League into the premiership.

In those matches, Nania beat Okwawu 31-0, while Mariners thrashed Mighty Jets 28-0.

Kwame Ntow-Fiako, Chairman of the DOLB, said yesterday that a match that is postponed as a result of a natural occurrence will be replayed within 24 hours of the original scheduled date in conformity with Article 13.2 of the GFA regulations.

However, he said all red and yellow cards earned during the zonal league would not apply, while all players who played in the zonal league are considered eligible players of their respective clubs since no new registrations have been endorsed by the GFA.

Only the top team will be promoted to play in the premiership.


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