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06.11.2008 Cricket

Cricket: U-17 Team Beats Mali

The national Under-17 cricket team sealed a semi-final berth in the ongoing North-West Africa cricket tournament in Ogun State, Nigeria, after humbling Mali with over 300 runs in their second match.

The Malians came into the second innings with a burden of 418 runs that the Ghanaian batsmen had set in the first innings.


 But the relatively inexperienced Malian team was unable to reach even 80 runs when their batting collapsed.

The Ghanaian lads are standing by to play the winner of the Cameroun-The Gambia match in the semi-final.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Ghana Cricket Association, Mr P. Vandepuye-Orgle, left Accra for Nigeria yesterday to attend a meeting of African cricket federation chairmen.

According to him all cricket federation chairmen in the region will meet with Mr Cassim Suliman, CEO of the Africa Cricket Association (ACA), on the International Cricket Council's (ICC) 2009 National Operational Plan and Budget. All member countries, including Ghana, are currently entering their applications for the disbursement of funds by the ACA.

“From next year Ghana could be benefiting from a yearly administrative grant of $15,000 because of our current ICC status.


Based on further assessment we can also gain access to a $75,000 grant to enable us undertake various development projects.


For now we have to prepare our programme and a budget to support it for consideration by the ACA,” he said.

Story by Nathaniel Attoh