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15.10.2008 Sports News

Exchequers, CEPS Suffer 12-Hour Ordeal

> Exchequers, CEPS Suffer 12-Hour Ordeal

Two of Ghana's representatives at this year's African Clubs Hockey Championship in Abuja, Nigeria, Exchequers and CEPS Ladies, went through a 12-hour hellish experience last Monday on board a Virgin Nigeria aircraft before arriving at their destination in a journey that should have taken them about an hour-and-a-half.

Airline officials kept everybody in the dark as local travellers at the Murtala International Airport waited with bated breath to catch connecting flight to Abuja, Kano and Warri.

The Ghanaian contingent woke up early to catch the 10 a.m. flights to Lagos en route to Abuja, but had to spend extra two hours at the Kotoka International Airport.

However, a chaotic situation awaited them at the Lagos Airport as no one could tell when the next flight was to come. The scheduled 4 p.m. flight for the Ghanaians to Abuja had elapsed and no airline official was ready to commit himself with an assuring word.

As expected, the Ghanaian players looked visibly tired and hungry but there was very little officials could do since they were yet to change their dollars into naira. There was no “money du change” at the local airport and officials did not want to risk changing money at the black market for fear of getting fake currencies.

Team officials planned going to the city to get some naira for the players to enable them to buy food but were restrained by the uncertainty in the flight schedule.

After series of complaints, an aircraft was finally provided for passengers travelling to Abuja and Kano at nearly 10 p.m. The contingent finally arrived at the Gubabi Royal Hotel at midnight after another long journey by road from the Abuja Airport.

Golden Sticks arrived last Friday, while Ghana's fourth team, Reformers, who are making the journey by road, are yet to arrive. 

Story by Daniel Kenu.


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