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05.10.2008 Football News

Angola coach throws in towel


Angola coach Oliveria Goncalves resigned as Angola coach on Saturday after successive poor showings in the 2010 World Cup qualifiers.

"I presented my resignation letter on 22 September and the president (of Angolan football Association, FAF) accepted it," Goncalves said.

Oliveira Goncalves has been under increased fire from FAF officials after a draw with Uganda and defeat to Benin with both games in Luanda.

Goncalves was until recently regarded as a hero in Angola for taking the Palancas Negra to their first World Cup in 2006 which earned him a contract renewal until 2010.

But his fortunes have changed and he was booed by fans at the match with Benin.

He also acknowledged "ill-being" in the FAF toward him as coach as being one of the reasons he decided to step aside.

"I saw that some things were not okay anymore," he said.

His deputy, Maby de Almeida will act as a temporarily replacement until a permanent successor is found.

Source: BBC