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03.10.2008 Football News

Who is the next casualty?…In Sunday's MTN Soccer Academy eviction show

By Kofi Owusu Aduonum - Ghanaian Chronicle

As the days roll by to Sunday's MTN Soccer Academy eviction show, the question lovers of the soccer reality show are asking is who will be the next team mate to suffer shipwreck.?

With three potential team mates wandering in eviction waters, anxiety among the rest of the team mates has heightened making the competition highly uncompromising and unpredictable.

Philip Amoako, who was hit by the eviction rod in the maiden eviction show alerted the rest of the team mates taking into account his potential and capabilities.

And when the rest were putting themselves together, another shocker hit the house with Augustine Frimpong and Benjamin Owusu exiting the Ridge residence.

For now, David Tawiah Abaka (#1), Stephen Sowu (#2), Hasan Karoum (#3), Emmanuel Mensah (#4), the current captain of the house, Enoch Aryee#5, Raphael Dugbatey#7, Joe Essel Ferguson# 9, Awal Amadu the immediate past capo (#10), Micahel Gatoh (#11), Isaac Adjapong (#12), and Samuel Abakah (#14), are in a state of anxiety awaiting who goes home next.

As usual the programme will be spiced with performances by some yet to be named artists. Fans wanting to keep their fans in the house are to text MTN short code 1351.