23.01.2008 Sports News

Sports Must Unite Us - Prof. Ayittey

By Daily Graphic
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The President of the Free Africa Foundation (FAF), Prof. George Ayittey, has urged African nations to use sports to unite and heal wounds."Africa is no more the dark continent but a beacon of light which must guide and inspire others to progress and develop," he said.
In a message signed by Mr G.B.K Owusu, local co-ordinator of the FAF, a non-governmental organisation, Prof. George Ayittey said Ghana 2008 was an arena to bring African footballers together to showcase their prowess and capabilities in soccer, adding, "This fiesta is meant to unite and build bridges of friendship."
Prof. Ayittey said through unity Africa could shame her enemies. “Africa must, therefore, unite to harness the immense resources that God has given them.
Africa must unite to remove the derogatory tags like 'dark and developing continent' and this can only be achieved through unity,” he said.
He exhorted the competing nations to display friendship, high standard of sportsmanship, love, respect and decency throughout the tournament. "These are virtues that make a true sportsman and woman," he said.
The president of FAF stated that whoever emerge winner was a victory for Africa and should be congratulated and supported to lead Africa to the World Cup.
He was hopeful that after the tournament, the war drums being beaten in Darfur, Somalia, DR Congo, Cote d'Ivoire and other places would end.
"I take this opportunity to congratulate Ghana, the host country, and urge all Ghanaians to display the legendary Ghanaian hospitality to the visitors from all over the world who are here for the tournament," he concluded.

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