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02.06.2007 Football News

Olympic Qualifier: Siasia vows revenge against Ghana

By Fidelis Ebuh

Abuja - After the Meteors of Ghana had denied him the ticket to the forthcoming ninth All Africa Games in Algeria, coach, Samson Siasia, has said that this weekend's qualifier for Beijing 2008 Olympic would not be treated with kid gloves. Siasia said in a chat that since the key players in Europe he had in mind to invite have arrived, “no stone would be left unturned. We are going to work hard as we've never done.

“This is another opportunity for me to prove that I can do it, and with the key players I need around, there would be no rest until after the match has been played and won. What I'm praying for now is for the fans to come out in their large numbers to cheer the players. What we need at this crucial period is mass support. I have come to notice one thing about the fans here; they don't really support. I wish they learn one or two things from the English supporters – they (English) supporters keep cheering their national teams even if the team is not winning.

They cheer their teams until the final whistle. I wish our supporters would do same to cheer the players from the beginning till the whistle signaling the end of the match. No one would appreciate the booing the fans boo the players when they are not scoring, they should keep on cheering the players as that is the only way they could get encouraged”, Samson Siasia said.

He stated that the Ghanaians, having technically beaten the Dream Team for the All Africa Games ticket, could be thinking of a repeat performance which, he said, would be their biggest mistake. “I've learnt my lesson in a bitter way".

“I'm, personally, praying that the players should not sustain any injury before the match. Our training would be taken serious as if it is a match we are playing. That's the way I will get the best for the team”, he pointed out.