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23.05.2007 Football News

Essien can be world’s best – Sly Tetteh


The President of Liberty Professionals Football Club, Alhaji Sly Tetteh has said Michael Essien would become best footballer one day.

Speaking to the GNA Alhaji Tetteh said despite the high grades Essien earned in the English season, he was convinced the player was still far away from his peak.

“Michael has the potential to play much better than he has done so far and there is every indication that he can be the world's best player one day.”

While many soccer followers marvel at the transformation of Essien from a midfield general to a defensive kingpin during the injury crisis of Chelsea and tend to credit coach Jose Mourinho for the switch, Alhaji Sly said Essien rather returned to a position he was very familiar with.

He said when Liberty discovered Essien, they used him in central defence but his style was a bother to the technical team, which decided to convert him into a midfield player, where he would dominate and drive the team forward.

He said: “Essien was over confident as a central defender as he always took his time and dribbled the ball past his opponents with ease while we became worried and concerned, fearing that he would lose the ball in the vital area to the detriment of the team.”

The Liberty President said: “The high confidence level of Essien has contributed positively to his development, which is still at the middle level and will blossom in the coming years.”

He described Essien as a “born footballer” who has the strength, the zeal, the determination and the focus to succeed, adding that Essien needed the support of every Ghanaian as he aspires to become the best in the world.

Alhaji Tetteh advised Ghanaians who viewed Essien as unpatriotic to eschew such perceptions and appreciate the contributions Essien has made to the national team, “despite the high risks involved in answering national calls in Africa, where there is no protection and security for the players.”

“Essien has done well for Ghana football and I urge Ghanaians to appreciate and acknowledge the contributions he has made instead of trying to taint his achievements with uncomplimentary remarks.”

Source: GNA