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08.05.2007 Football News

GFA sacks officials

By myjoyonline
GFA sacks officials

A member of the Black Starlets technical team has lost his job for taking his wife into the team's hotel during the U-17 tournament in Togo and another for insubordination.

Joy Sports can confirm that their employer, the Ghana Football Association described their attitude as breach of camp rules and insubordination.

The Team Manager, Mr Richard Asare, Joy Sports learnt has been dismissed for bringing his wife into the team's hotel during the tournament. The Masseur, Mr Lord Sewernu on the other hand has been sacked for gross insubordination.

Mr Sewernu was accused of insulting-behavior after being asked to give up his bronze medal for the head of the Starlets management team, Mr Awuah Nyamekye during the tournament's medal ceremony.

However, Joy Sports can authoritatively say that some other members of the GFA including the FA President, Kwasi Nyantakyi took their wives to Germany for last year's World Cup, but a member of the Starlets management team, Nana Budu II in an interview with Joy Sports said the GFA has taken the right decision.

Myjoyonline brings you excerpts of an interview he had with Joy Sports' Elleoeny Amande:

Nana Budu II (NB): On the part of the team manager, the wife and the child came and visited the team at the hotel the team was staying.

Amande: But is it a crime to be visited by his wife as a team official?

NB: Under the condition that they were in at the tournament and when you let your wife come and stay with you at a hotel we deem it necessary that it was not on the right path.

Amande: But what is wrong with that? What is wrong with him having his wife at the hotel because he is not a player but a team official?

NB: If it is allowed like that then it means everybody on the contingent – the technical men and others can have their families visit them at the camp and in terms of sports I don't think it's appropriate like that.

Amande: Why, what is wrong with it?

NB: What he did by allowing his wife to visit him was not in the proper direction of the team. We feel that the wife is not part of the contingent so why should the wife come to the hotel?

Amande: But the same FA seemingly had a different posture during the senior's World Cup in Germany. Wives of the officials of the football association in Germany were indeed lodging in the same hotel as the Black Stars' players.

NB: I can not testify to what you are saying. What I can talk about is what happened with Starlets because I am part of the Starlet management. So whatever happened during the World Cup I wasn't there and I didn't see it. And so I can't testify to that. On the Starlets' issue it came before us, we deliberated on it and referred it to the FA.