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27.03.2007 General News

Expose dirty tricks of politician- NPP National Organiser

By The Chronicle

National Organiser of the New Patriotic Party, Lord Oblitey Commey has called on the Ghanaian press to do all it can to expose what he called “the dirty tricks of the nation's politicians.”

He said the press should leave the governance of the nation in the hands of politicians alone but should help expose any untoward acts on the part of politicians in the country.

To Mr Commey, all must be done to flush out dirty politicians to allow the truthful and honest ones to work.

“I am looking forward to the day that all these wild and unsubstantiated allegations would be blocked. If we are all watchful, we would be able to flush out liars and leave the work of politicians for the decent and truthful people in the nation.”

“It is high time the press and stakeholders got involved in roles that would make sure that all unsubstantiated and wild allegations by politicians would be blocked”.

He pointed out that the latest suggestion by the NDC to the effect that all was not well with the nation as far as the recent bye-election at Nkoranza North was concerned was a plot to prepare the minds of Ghanaians about their intentions to create confusion when they lose the 2008 polls.

Descending heavily on the NDC and calling on all to ignore what he called the wild and unsubstantiated allegations of the NDC, he said, “I really do not to be talking about the NDC's black lies which is their stock in trade because is hollow and empty”.

“What happened in Nkoranza signifies that the NDC would never win any elections in this country. They are now a spent force and it is beginning to dawn on them that the people are not prepared to vote them back into power,” he said.

Mr Commey said the position taken by the NDC was a result of the shock of defeat because they (NDC) had taken the Nkoranza North bye election as a do or die affair based on the findings they had conducted.

“Our intelligence revealed that the NDC contracted some people from outside the country to conduct a survey for them and in that survey for them and in that survey they were told that they are going to win the seat which made them take the bye election as a matter of life and death,” he said.

He underscored that the NDC's foul cry was a propagandist scheme to keep the hopes of its party members alive.

According to Lord Commey, he found it amusing that the NDC was using searching of cars by the security men to mean intimidation. “I was also searched as well. I don't believe that searching amounts to intimidation,” he said.

Responding to inducement and bribery of voters, he asked rhetorically whether schnapps and envelopes presented by both Prof John Evans Atta Mills, the flag bearer of the NDC and the party's founder, Flt. Lt. Jerry Rawlings to chiefs and elders in the constituency amounted to bribery and inducement.

Quizzed about allegations of inducement, the NPP whiz kid said, “The inducement of voters will continue in this country. We shall continue to induce then with sound economic policies and good messages. We shall continue to buy them with our good messages,” he said.

Source: The Chronicle