I'm just three years older than my first son who is 47 years — Ex-Ghanaian footballer admits age-cheating

Exclusive News Former Ghanaian player Ntow Gyan
Former Ghanaian player Ntow Gyan

Famed former Kumasi Asante Kotoko midfielder Ntow Gyan has admitted that he lied about his real age for much of his football career.

In what seems like a confession on Accra-based Peace FM, Gyan revealed that he had reduced his actual age by 10-15 years throughout his time as a professional player.

“Now, because of the issue of football age, I prefer not to mention my age so people won't know the real me, because I have reduced my actual age by 10 to 15 years," he said.

By his own admission, Gyan is now claiming to be 50-years old, however this seems impossible based on the age of his firstborn son.

According to the football star, his fist born is 47 years while his own documents show he is 50 years—3 years interval.

“The age I am currently using is 50, but my son, who is my firstborn, is 47 years old," Gyan revealed.

He added: "Just look at that; it is impossible for me to have done it. That is what I have used officially, so it is impossible to change it. Can you imagine me and my son’s ages?”

Age cheating has been a long-standing issue in football globally as altering one's age is seen as a way of providing competitive advantages.

Younger players are often perceived to have more potential for development and resale value.

However, recent advances in documentation and records have made it harder to fake one's age.

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