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Leonard Akoto hails Bernard Mensah as best in Saudi Pro League

Leonard Akoto hails Bernard Mensah as best in Saudi Pro League
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Leonard Akoto, a renowned player developer and esteemed physical instructor from Ghana, has lauded former Black Stars Midfielder Bernard Mensah as one of the standout performers in the Saudi Pro League.

Akoto, who has been actively training with Mensah for several years, attributes this acclaim to Mensah's exceptional punctuality and disciplined approach to training.

In the eyes of Leonard Akoto, Bernard Mensah stands out as a standout player in the competitive landscape of the Saudi Pro League. The acknowledgment from Akoto sparked discussions among football analysts and fans, with many eagerly awaiting Mensah's next performance.

As the league progressed, Mensah's impact continued to grow. His ability to navigate through opposing defenses and contribute crucial goals earned him widespread recognition. Al-Tai supporters began chanting Mensah's name in the stands, creating an electric atmosphere every time he touched the ball.

Mensah, currently serving as an attacking midfielder for Al-Tai, has showcased his prowess in 15 matches, securing an impressive record of 9 goals and 1 assist. Akoto commends Mensah's instrumental role on the field, emphasizing his versatility as a player—a testament to the dedicated training he consistently receives.

Leonard Akoto's words resonated not only within the Ghanaian football community but also reached international audiences. Clubs and scouts from various leagues took notice of Mensah's standout performances, fueling speculation about potential transfers to higher-profile teams.

Amidst the growing attention, Mensah remained focused on his game, always crediting Akoto for his development. The duo's journey became an inspiring narrative, showcasing the transformative power of mentorship in the competitive world of professional football.

As the season reached its climax, Al-Tai found themselves in contention for top honors, with Mensah playing a pivotal role in the team's success. The midfield maestro's contributions went beyond statistics, as he became a symbol of resilience and determination.

The final matches approached with heightened anticipation, and the football world eagerly awaited not just the outcome of the Saudi Pro League but also the next chapter in the evolving story of Leonard Akoto and Bernard Mensah.


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Dickson Boadi

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