Golden Arms in Saudi Arabia to represent Ghana Armwrestling at 2023 World Combat Games

By Sammy Heywood Okine
Athletics Golden Arms in Saudi Arabia to represent Ghana Armwrestling at 2023 World Combat Games
OCT 26, 2023 LISTEN

The National Armwrestling Team, Golden Arms, will represent Ghana at the ongoing World Combat Games in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from October 24-28, 2023.

The Golden Arms will be represented by two female pullers, captain and Policewoman Grace Mintah, in the Women 80kg category and Mariam Kadri Moro who will also compete in the Women +80kg category.

Technical Director and Head Referee for Africa, Husseini Akuetteh Addy as coach of the Africa contingent accompanied the pullers who qualified from the last Africa Championship in Accra.

Head of delegation, DCOP Lydia Yaako Donkor, a board member of GAF and chairperson for Gt. Team Charperon Sedinam Gbeve Esq accompanies Accra Armwrestling. They both will engage industry players as Ghana prepares to host the 2024 World Armwrestling Championship.

Ghana competes in the Combat Games Armwrestling on Friday and Saturday.

Meanwhile, President Charles Osei Asibey is appointed the team leader for Africa being represented by pullers from Ghana, Nigeria, Benin, Cameroon, Mali and Egypt.

The World Combat Games will, for up to ten days, be the beating heart for combat sports and will be the perfect bridge between elite sports and local communities.

The World Combat Games concept aims for a compact and manageable event which offers cities an opportunity for focused international promotion, to engage with their youth communities and to promote public health and wellness agendas through inspiring initiatives encouraging participation in combat sports.