Who’s going to be responsible for the damage on Benjamin Mendy’s name? – Memphis Depay

Exclusive News Ex-Manchester City player Benjamin Mendy left and Dutch footballer Memphis Depay
JUL 15, 2023 LISTEN
Ex-Manchester City player Benjamin Mendy [left] and Dutch footballer Memphis Depay

Atletico Madrid forward Memphis Depay has raised questions about the impact of the recent rape case against French footballer Benjamin Mendy.

He asked what punishment will be given to the women who made the wrong accusations and who to help avert the damage to the colleague player’s reputation.

The ex-Manchester City player was cleared of all charges by a British court on July 14th, following allegations made by 13 women against him and co-accused Louis Saha Matturie.

In a tweet following the verdict, Depay asked, "Who is going to help this brother heal? Who's going to be responsible for the damage on his name? How is he going to have his career back?"

Depay also expressed his concern for athletes facing similar situations and called for support before damage is done.

“We can’t accept this to happen to us as athletes..Who’s going to stand up for us in the time of need not when the damage is already done?” he asked.

Mendy had faced six counts of rape and one count of sexual assault, but was found not guilty of those charges in January.

Following his arrest in August 2021, Mendy was suspended by Manchester City, who later released him when his contract expired in June 2023.

The French international joined City in 2017 from Ligue 1 side AS Monaco for a fee of around 52 million pounds ($68.17 million).

During the trial, the jury of six men and six women deliberated for about three hours and 15 minutes before reaching their conclusion.

Upon hearing the verdict, Mendy broke down in tears and could only say one word, "Alhamdulillah," when journalists attempted to get his comment on the court victory. The video of his emotional reaction has since gone viral.

Depay, who has spoken to Mendy once while the latter was behind bars and faced him on the pitch a couple of times, emphasized the need for athletes to receive support when they are facing tough times.

He mentioned that he did not see any evil in Mendy and called for people not to turn a blind eye to such situations.

“I’ve never touched on this subject because I didn’t know all the details, but I’ve spoken to him once true FaceTime while behind bars and faced him on the pitch a couple times.. I didn’t see any evil in the man,” he wrote.

“Who’s going to be Responsible for the damage on he’s name?

How he’s going to have he’s career back?.. Many years of investment to become a professional football player…. Now what!?” Depay stressed.

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