Ghanaians Must Celebrate And Decorate Our Sports Heroes

Like Attah Eddie Papoe And Others Before Their Demise-Mohammed Amin Lamptey, Gba Communications Director
By Adzigodi Dennis
Sports News Ghanaians Must Celebrate And Decorate Our Sports Heroes

Communications Director of Ghana Boxing Authority and Lecturer Hon. Mohammed Amin Lamptey has called on all Ghanaians especially journalists to celebrate, write and honor our sports living Heroes before their demise.

He said this during the Ghana Boxing Authorities boxing Seminar held at the Ghana Boxing Arena at Bukom, Accra Ghana to train boxing journalists and all journalists in General on reportage on boxing and other so called lesser-known sports activities in the country.

He said emphatically that boxing in Ghana brought at least ten (10) world boxing titles and more Olympics games medals than football in Ghana.

He said people like Boxing referee retired Attah Eddy PAPOE having the privilege of handling international bout’s, Azumah Nelson, Abedi Pele, Tony Yeboah and journalists like Prince Dornu- Leiku deserves National honors.

In all the dignitaries invited Hon. Majeed Bawa (Deputy General of National Sports Authority - Ghana), Hon. Seth Panwum (Board Chairman of National Sports Authority) spoke on issues related to reportage on all the so-called lesser-known sports like boxing, badminton, hockey, arm wrestling, handball, Long Tennis, Beach Soccer, Hocky, Basketball, NBA etc.

He (GBA communications Director) added that the so-called bloggers in Ghana is also bringing down the the work of professional journalism in Ghana , because they tweet and post on other platforms that are not credible.

All the dignitaries also blamed most journalists on wrong reportage, inaccuracy, fair and failure to authenticate their sources of stories before putting their stories out to the public.

Unanimously all the dignitaries present at the seminar; including the Asumkuma Hemaa of Adukrom Akwapim Naana Odiasempa Abena Ayebea Okani (I), the only Queen mother enthusiast about boxing in Ghana, Hon. Abdul Majid Bawah, Hon. Seth Panwum in addition spoke on journalists in Ghana for not paying attention to the so called lesser-known sports and all attentions been drawn into only football reportage.

In all the journalists and participants were taken through all media ethics and areas in journalism including; Who is a journalist, Basics of journalism, ethics ethics of journalism, sports journalism, Boxing reportage, Boxing scoring and terminology, self-regulations.

Lecturer Hon. Mohammed Amin Lamptey( GBA) Director of communications asked and advised all journalists in the country to specifically majored in different areas of journalism viz; sports reporting, investigative, court proceedings reportage, political, Accident, industrial, Business, weather, community reporting and on all small individuals' stories that affects the community where a journalist lives.

The training program was organized by the Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA) as a short training seminar for Boxing writers and for all journalists in collaboration with the Boxing writers Association of Ghana (BWAG).

They once again including Boxing Writers Association of Ghana (BWAG) Mr. Sammy Heywood Okine asked corporate Ghana for sponsorship for the so called lesser-known sports and come to the aid of the Ex-Boxing referee Attah Eddie PAPOE who is in now at his old age and need financial support and well-being from the state and all Ghanaians.

All the dignitaries also asked all the journalists and participants to write about the various and interesting facilities like the fitness gym, Bar and restaurants, swimming pool, the boxing arena, conference halls and other fantastic facilities here at Ghana Boxing Arena at Bukom, Accra Ghana.

Finally, Ghana Boxing Communications director has asked on all Ghanaians to pray for Isaac Dogbe as he fights on April 1st, 2023 for a WBO title for Ghana.