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It's nonsense to blame sports journalists for local league decline — Michael Oti Adjei

Renowned sports journalist, Michael Oti AdjeiRenowned sports journalist, Michael Oti Adjei

Renowned sports journalist Michael Oti Adjei has hit back at critics who are quick to blame sports journalists for the regression of the Ghana premier league.

The local game in recent years has not been well patronised by fans which has affected the once-loved brand on the local scene when it comes to football.

Many past and current football administrators have constantly blamed sports journalists for the decline in patronage of the Ghana premier league.

But the current General Manager in charge of news at Media General, Michael Oti Adjei disagrees with those calls describing it as absolutely "nonsense."

"I hear some of these things and I laugh because to me it's absolute nonsense because are the sports journalists who make bad calls on the field of play?

"Are they the ones who probably run on the field to cause problems during games?

"Are they the ones who are not showing up for pre-match interviews? do they bribe referees?

"A big no so it doesn't add up here" he told Untold stories TV GH

He continued, "When there is blatant corruption, incompetent and we are being told to turn a blind eye to these things. Yes, I admit that some of us go overboard with some of the descriptions of the league is a problem.

"That is not enough balance in the way we do things but it's absolute nonsense that we give our money, resources, and time for somebody to manage our product for us but they don't have a proper media and promotional plan for it.

"So there are so many things that ought to be done by those in charge of the product."

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