12.11.2022 Boxing

GBA lifts ban on heavyweight boxer Richard Harrison Nii Lartey

By Samuel Ekow Amoasi Appiah
GBA lifts ban on heavyweight boxer Richard Harrison Nii Lartey
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The Ghana Boxing Authority wishes to inform the public that the 5-year ban on former Africa WBO Heavyweight Champion, Richard Harisson Nii Lartey has been lifted with immediate effect.

Richard Harrison Lartey officially wrote to the GBA and rendered an unqualified apology to the Executive Board Members and the entire members of the boxing Fraternity for his misconduct and indiscipline that led to a 5-year ban on him.

Harrison Lartey who expressed unshakable remorse was banned a couple of years ago by the erstwhile GBA President, Peter Zwennes for using a forged authorization letter in the name of the GBA and repeated the same under the current GBA led by Abraham Kotei Neequaye.

He deliberately circumvented the sanction by using a Tanzanian professional boxing license to fight Abdulkerim Edilov in Russia on Wednesday 3rd November 2021.

He failed 3 consecutive times to appear before the Disciplinary and Arbitration Committee of the GBA without any justifiable reasons.

After critical thinking and sober reflection on the unfortunate situation, Harrison indicated to the GBA that upon second thought, he realized a wrong approach in addressing his managerial issue about his contract and all other misconduct behavior.

He finally pleaded with the GBA to take a second look at the 5-year ban imposed on him because if nothing is done to ameliorate it, his boxing career will end abruptly and his family suffers untold hardship.

The GBA scrutinized his apology letter and after signing an undertaking (bond of good behavior) with a witness signature, decided to lift the 5-year ban imposed on him after serving some period to serve as a deterrent to others in Ghana Boxing.

I wish to express my profound gratitude to all executive board members for their remarkable support and contributions in arriving at this stage of Richard Harisson Nii Lartey friction with the GBA.

Let me also seize the opportunity to inform all stakeholders, especially boxers who have any friction with the GBA to come forward without hesitation for us to resolve our internal issues amicably.

Samuel Ekow Amoasi Appiah
Samuel Ekow Amoasi Appiah

Sports Journalist