Why Not Reduce The Risk Of Football Injuries? Protective Gears For Footballers

By Gabriella Acquaye
Opinion Why Not Reduce The Risk Of Football Injuries?  Protective Gears For Footballers
JUL 23, 2022 LISTEN

What is the worst thing that could happen to you as a footballer? I asked a few random footballers I was working with. Getting a red card, scoring an own goal and missing an open goal were some of their regrets but the least of them all. The worst on their list was getting injured. This would mean that they couldn’t play for some time, they would spend some time in pain and even for some they couldn’t play ever again. Football is a contact sport s with a great risk of injury. There are several ways to prevent or reduce the risk of some of these injuries. One of the most practical preventive measures within our reach is to wear protective gear during training sessions and matches.

For goalkeepers, gloves are essential for finger protection. These gloves are designed to protect the fingers from twists and breaking when grabbing a ball or during falls. Goalkeepers’ elbow protection s or pads embedded in the long sleeves are also ideal to prevent abrasions and to cushion them when they fall while trying to reach for the ball. The hips and knees are common areas of injury for goalkeepers and these can be prevented by wearing pants with protection at the points that most often suffer from falls- the hips and knees.

A lot of contact is made during soccer and as such it is safe to protect your lower legs and joints from the force of tackles and shots from the ball itself. As a footballer, you should wear shin pads, ankle straps and proper soccer boots for training and matches.

Shin pads are disliked by most due to their weight and the discomfort they cause. To protect you from injuries invest in shin pads you can trust and feel most comfortable wearing. There are different types of shin pads available that are safe and comfortable.

Ankle supports or straps are great at preventing ankle injuries, especially twists and shots to the ankle. They also improve the confidence of footballers when they’re going into tackles due to the assurance of protection from injuries.

Big toe pains resulting from stumps from other players or from tight boots, can be reduced by using padded foam tapes on the toes. Also the size and type of boots worn should be carefully chosen to suit your type of technique during play and pitch. This can help reduce injuries to the sole of the foot and the entire foot itself.

Following and adhering to the injury prevention tips of wearing the proper apparel s such as shin pads, gloves, ankle straps and appropriate boots among others can increase your confidence during training and matches and also keep you in the game longer.

Writer: Gabriella Acquaye

Physiotherapist at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital (Ridge)

Stand-in Physiotherapist for the Black Princesses-Ghana

Contact: [email protected]

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