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Hands off the trigger please, Executive Council

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By Richard Avornyotse, GNA Sports

Accra, Sept 23, GNA - At a time when Ghana football seems to be making a remarkable recovery, the devil has set in to thwart the national effort and reverse our gains in the round leather game. I attribute current developments on the soccer scene to the work of the devil because the holiness of God reflects only on things positive and what is about to happen to Ghana football could only come from the other camp, the house of antagonism, confusion, warfare, destruction and doom, which are all synonymous with the devil.

First, it was the departure of Mariano Barreto, coach of the national teams, with its attendant accusations and counter accusations from the media and the high table at the Ghana Football Association. Just as the dust was about to settle, another storm erupted and the result is the impasse between the Executive Council and the chairman of the Management Board of the Ghana Football Association, which if not quickly resolved, could turn a clog in the wheel of our national progress.

I am not worthy to adjudicate and pass judgement at this time when both parties are at daggers drawn with their fore fingers on the trigger in a combat position, which result could best affect our game negatively.

I dare say however that the infighting and the threat of impeachment from the Executive Council would open Ghana football to public ridicule and draw scorn and laughter from our neighbours in the sub-region and the global football fraternity at large.

To me, the Ghana Football Association is one big family and weather one belongs to the Executive Council or the Management Board, one must be seen as part of the same clan with the same blood running down one's sinews.

In this regard, whatever that might have necessitated the current feud must be addressed in the most amicable manner so that the result does not affect the development of our football.

All that I want to say is that there should be the willingness to forgive and forget about the wrong done by either party so that a settlement that would not push the clock backwards would be reached in the interest of progress.

Dr Nyaho-Tamakloe might have his reasons for trying to demand more powers above those of the Executive Council but that does not mean his demands are binding and would be implemented.

On the other hand, he is human and in a democracy, every one must be allowed to air his or her opinion on every issue. That is what makes our democracy grow.

The chairman might have been looking for more powers for various reasons and it would be appropriate for the Executive Council to meet with him in a peaceful atmosphere to try as much as possible to find out why he was making such a demand.

Though earlier reports said Dr Nyaho-Tamakloe declined to dialogue with the Executive Council, I know by now the medical doctor chairman of the GFA would be willing to answer questions from the Executive Council, as it is just human that time calms nerves and reduces the level of ones adrenalin.

The human element must be allowed to guide our decisions on this issue and though the statutes might be in favour of the Council, may I implore members to thread objectively, passionately and patriotically in the interest of the Republic.

If the Executive Council realised that his demands were out of order, I would expect them to caution the chairman and reassure him that they would not use their powers to scuttle any good plans that he would have for Ghana football.

I know some members of the Council are worthy members of the society who are versed in societal diplomacy and who could persuade the chairman to have faith in the Council and go about his duties as his conscience directs him to do.

Instead of the power game, it would be best for mother Ghana if the Executive Council would concede some sturdy muscle and bend the rules a little to give diplomacy a latitude in resolving the impasse. Our elders say, "You don't throw the baby away with the bath water." Some say, "you don't slash the flesh of your thigh off because your child has soiled it."

Let us shame the devil by getting out of the current crisis without any casualty. That is the only way that we can sustain our current forward march and get to the promised land. Hands off the trigger, please! 23 Sept 04

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