28.08.2004 Feature Article

When will people like Bamba learn?

When will people like Bamba learn?
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Like the Presbyterian song ´Nea tetefo hwehwe, ene nea opepee yi, na aba no´. BAMBA has failed and thank God, we can now rest assure our enemies that.we are on the path to victory.

Kuffour could not avoid to go with anyone whose certificate got missing the very day his uncle died.It was a pure lie, but only Akuffo Addo with perhaps something in the blood could defend Bamba, hence an NPP Deputy Minister, without a certificate.

He could go to hell, if he doesn´t want to stay with his 2 wives in the Wenchi village.The Castle or Accra ,has no place for a Northner without a certificate with 2 wives. With all the nonsense he did to bring Kuffour and the whole NPP into shame, what moral courage did he have to stand again for the election?. Bamba might be sick and what does he think at all about the party?. His likes is Issac Amoh of Dzuwulu.I hope very soon,we shall send him parking and hear the usual MUSIC, I will go solo

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