10.04.2004 Sports News

Becareful what u wish for (George Arthur)

By Mr Tee
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The question I want to ask the executives of B/A United carries no malice, It carries no bias, no hatred. Just a plain question.Why have they now turned against their saint George Arthur?.

A man to who they had the most highest regard.They should have known the sort of person they were throwing their weight behind in the first place when he was blustering about his credentials and expetise.It was a monumental error in judgement on the part of the present executives.

Arthur was able to manipulate, massage and distort the real facts about himself in order to get elected.What he says runs counter to what he does.I really don't know if he has been able to put his money where his mouth is. The inescapable truth is that respect is a pre-requisite for good name and that the former must always take precedence over the later.

Arthur's pride makes him rude. This guy was able to mobilize some zealots in Sunyani to paint the former administration of B/A United black to the extent that the peoples dislike for some of them have congealed into glittering hatred. Instead of dealing with the factual things concerning the team,these people launched a shrill attack to destroy the credibility of the former administration.Paralyzed by irresolution and inaction now in office, George Arthur and others of his ilk,and the rest of his pusillanimous pack now only carp at those who move or talk decisively about United.

These are not the right people to be trusted with the well being of the team. To tell the truth to the people of Sunyani and the ardent supporters of B/A United is the centre piece of why I am writing.People can compare the former administration to the present one under George Arthur in every respect but the analogy breaks down at key points.

The former under Zico comes out top. Arthur's insolent behaviour towards the present executives puts a finger in the eye of the team's constitution.Arthur's intention of fighting for this position was just to enrich his pocket at the expense of the team.In short he is too facile in his ways. It is in this glum context that I am entreating the executives to do away with him and appoint a better and competent person or the team is not going to go anywhere when the next season starts.The popular support he once garnered is now on the wane and he should have compunction about that. It is against this background that he should bow out. If it is known that he sold the player illegally then he should be charged to court.That will be tantamount to stealing from the team. There is a big difference between being a player and being an administrator.

Arthur hasn't got the wherewithal to be a manager let alone a chairman. His hubristic attitude is now condemning him. For him to say nobody has said anything concerning the charges to his face and that he will answer the very people who put him at that position at the appropriate time to me is mere gallic bravado.

The executives should let him know that they put him there and they can unseat him.They should be resolute in their decision and must not allow money to influence any decision they take. Supporters should be made to know that B/A United will always be there but executives and players come and go.

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