18.07.2003 Sports News

SWAG gives highest award to a woman

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Accra, July 18, GNA- Every sportsman or sportswoman invariably looks forward to the day he or she wins a medal in a chosen discipline and once that happens, it is dream come true. While some have had every cause to rejoice over this, others have found it as something unachievable. Many sports women often curse the day they got into sports considering the myriad problems they go through to achieve their cherished dreams. In so doing, many faint-hearted have given up whiles the brave ones manage to reach their goals by surmounting all the difficulties that ever come their way. Despite the increased opportunities for them to participate in domestic and international arenas, increased representation of women in decision making and leadership roles in sports administration has not followed. Women are significantly under-represented in management, coaching and officiating, particularly at higher levels. It is therefore a welcome news that for the first in the history of the nation, the Sports Writers Association of Ghana (SWAG) have recognised the effort of a woman and as such will confer its highest award on a woman since its 28th year inception.
Sport and sporting activities are an integral aspect of the culture of every nation. However, while women and girls account for more than half of the worlds population and although the percentage of their participation in sports varies from country to country, in every situation it has fallen short of that of men and boys and SWAG honouring a woman this time will encourage more girls to get into sports. Even though SWAG needs commendation for this decision, GNA Sports investigation revealed that many sportswomen did work their way to the ultimate in the past and one wonders why it has taken the SWEAG so long a time before giving this prestigious award to a woman. Considering the multiple values in sports and the fact that if you educate a woman, you educate a nation, it is most apt to invest in women's participation in sports today for brighter tomorrow.
(Commentary by Mrs Rose Anderson, GNA Sports Desk)

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