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13.07.2003 Sports News

The Fast Track-High Court - Who Goes There?

By Kwaku tsibu amoh mensah
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The fast track high court has come to be one of the icons of the John Kuffour’s lead administration,this court has been swift in dealing with public office offenders, mostly politrik-cians because they’re seen to be the worst offenders, but one thing that baffles the imagination of the average Ghanaian is that, are our sports authorities “high”than the fast track high courts ?

The answer, only the gurus up there can answer,people might want know the reason yourstruly, is asking such a question. The sports authoriyies seem to be UNTOUCHABLE they do what they like with the tax money of the average Ghanaian and goes scot free, others sign contracts on behalf of government and they serve time at government’s non-star hotel at the Nsawam prisons.Under Alhaji jawula acontract was awarded to Ade Coker to fill our stadia with quality,the word is quality chairs and what do we see today at our stadia after 3years ? The chairs have melted if not cracked,one might think this due to the weather but we have the same climatic conditions with our neighbours Nigeria but they used the facilities installed for the FIFA 99 WORLD YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIPS, to host the womens African cup tourney and the 2000 african cup of nations which they co-hosted with Ghana or they will tell me the money was from the confedration of African football{CAF}, what about the three-million cedis {3 million} they used in repairing an old television whilst a new one cost less than 2million cedis.

I think the government should wake up to its dream of curbing corruption because December 2004 is not that far.

Now to the new order ,the Ghana football association under Mr. Ben kouffie signed a contract with one Zivadinovich from Yugoslavia ,this man said he has worked for six{6} months as coach and he is not happy with his job so he went back to his native Yugoslavia and never returns not even pressure from the Ghanaian media will let him even give us part of the money,his reason been that it is stated in the contract that he signed with the leadership of the GFA under the chairmanship of Ben kouffie, that, after six months and he is not happy he can quit so he did just that and went with over 35,000 dollars{$35,000}and this sits there as a free man and nobody is asking him to face the law, whilst there is an attorney general.A minister of state misuse 45,000 dollars and was made to serve time,now, this same FA did not have 5000 dollars for Jones Attuquafio who has manage to qualify Benin to TUNISIA 2004 tournament, but they were able to riase this huge sum of money for a so-called coach from Yugoslavia to go and care for his ailing mother.

Now my humble question is that MR. PRESIDENT what is the state of the ZERO TOLERANCE for corruption,is it still on the agenda?

I read that the GFA chairman has cautioned ,taken a decision of his coach ,my advice to him is that he quits his job because under his leadership and all his courses for sports journalist and hisn development plan our national teams has been kicked out of all major tournaments. For Burkhard, he is credited for bringing life to Ghana soccer in the early 90’s but in the 2000's he has given us a BACK-OUT, think about it folks. Kwaku tsibu amoh mensah, space fm online correspondent,new-york

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