Sepak Takraw Ghana Association unveils equipment at GOC

By Sammy Heywood Okine
Athletics Sepak Takraw Ghana Association unveils equipment at GOC
NOV 25, 2021 LISTEN

Executives of Sepak Takraw Ghana Association on Wednesday unveiled some of the equipment they use for the sport at the office of the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC).

The executives are made up of Messrs. Samuel Asubonteng - president, Emmanuel Akpabli - vice president, George Acheampong - secretary, Theo Akpabli - media relations officer, Jonathan Gyandu - technical advisor and Ernest Ross - media relations advisor were at the GOC to present their equipment to the officers.

They met the operations manager, Shaban Mohammed and media officer, Sammy Heywood Okine.

Mr George Acheampong, secretary of the young sports federation said they want to affiliate with the GOC and promote the sport which involves three players on a side kicking a plastic ball over a net.

He said Ghana is currently the only African country, however, there are 45 nations in the world body, namely Singapore, Thailand, China, Indonesia, India, Canada, USA, Italy and others.

President Samuel Asubonteng said the game which is a blend of volleyball and football is very interesting, and they want to promote it in the schools and communities.

He expressed that they are trying to add the sport to football, boxing and athletics so that Ghanaians will have a variety of disciplines to choose from as a sports or leisure activity.