18.09.2002 Sports News

"Revolution" imminent at NSC

By gna
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Drastic measures aimed at revolutionising the National Sports Council (NSC) and its affiliate associations to make them more result oriented are on the drawing board.

Dr Emmanuel Owusu Ansah, Acting Chief Executive of the NSC, said the move would be a "wholistic appraisal of all the associations to ascertain the productivity of personnel and identify what they have or lack."

He said after the evaluation those who are trainable would be given the opportunity to update their knowledge while the NSC would "look elsewhere to complement its staff requirements."

Consequently, the chief executive said, an entirely new structure would be put in place when a modern strategic plan that would address the manpower position of the council is instituted.

Dr Owusu Ansah said the new strategic plan would also cover a scheme of service that would run with qualification adding that, "preference will be given to those who are already in the system."

He said there would be a workshop after the strategic plan and all stakeholders would be invited to participate in the discussions, which would be aimed at institutionalising a modern day sports administrative network to replace the existing framework.

The chief executive said he is happy that a sub committee has been set up to look at the present statutes as captured in SMC Decree 54 because they are outmoded and have to be modified.

He said for Ghana sports to rise again, urgent steps must be taken to rehabilitate and provide infrastructure, equipment and funding and it is important to amend the sports bill to make it easier for corporate organisations, which fund sports, to get the necessary tax waivers.

Dr Owusu Ansah said it is only when that is done that companies would be willing to fund sports to supplement government efforts.

A fortnight ago Mr Edward Osei-Kwaku Minster of Youth and Sports asked the NSC to organise refresher courses for its development officers.

The minister had also constituted a committee headed by Mr Joe Aggrey, his deputy to review the sports bill sequel to Ghana's poor performance at the 17th Commonwealth Games held in Manchester.

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