Ghana Football eclipsed by indecision and procrastination?

By Mohammed Amin Lamptey
Opinion Ghana Football eclipsed by indecision and procrastination?
SEP 24, 2021 LISTEN

"Indecision is the enemy of progress, not saying yes to one possibility is saying no to them all"-Michael Haggstrom.

The 72 hours given to the committee mandated by GFA to as a matter of urgency to search for a new Black Stars coach has elapsed and undoubtedly left Ghanaians seating on tenterhooks for days and not hours.

Clearly,we have all forgotten that football especially the Black Stars is the heartbeats of many Ghanaians.And better described by many as the passion of the nation.

The much anticipated announcement of a new Black Stars coach is taking a new dimension by providing the rumour mill and the grapevine unverified information to help spread fake information that keeps the temperature of our football landscape very high.

It is very cumbersome to differentiate between authentic and fake information on the new Black stars Coach because there is no reliable source of information,even the GFA official website is currently muted on the subject matter.

It is therefore imperative to state that Ghana football has been eclipsed by indecision or procrastination.

Indecision is a type of chronic procrastination and usually happens when an individual or group of people have to make stressful but crucial decision and feel overwhelmed by plethora of choices.

The committee members responsible to recommend a new Black Stars Coach within 72 hours are not lazy because they have a track record to all intents and purposes.However,the question is have they submitted their report or recommendations to the GFA top echelon?

Indecision leads to anxiety, worry,rumination,shame,

calamity and eventually negative impact on one's quality of life. It clearly presupposes that the entire country is suffering or likely to suffer from the above negative effects of indecision if the GFA does not name a coach for the Black Stars in the next few hours.

Indecisiveness gives you the opportunity to gather information and evaluate the facts.If you fail to make a quick decision,it may be a sign that you have been overwhelmed by the choices available to you or it might also be a warning that you are about to make a wrong decision.

Our inability to make decisive decisions can cause wasted time,stress,anxiety and eventually sabotages our efforts to succeed.In the case of Ghana,to qualify for Qatar 2022.

Researchers have investigated this behaviour for the past decades and termed it indecision or decisional procrastination.

All we need our football governing body(GFA ),the Ministry for Youth and Sports and all other prominent stakeholders is to kindly do the nation Ghana the honours by letting the "cat" out of the bag and name the successor of Coach C.K Akornor to help restore the trust and hope of Ghanaian football enthusiasts.

The rumour mill revealed that the powers that be have agreed on outdooring Milova Rajevac as the new Black Stars coach but the problem is with his assistant or assistants.

Undoubtedly, Ghana football is ECLIPSED by INDECISION to name a new Black Stars Coach.

I wish the Kurt Okraku led GFA administration the very best of luck in an effort to present the best coach among the lots to Ghanaians.

Remember time is not on our side and this is a crucial and sensitive national issue, no matter how you look it.

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