09.09.2021 Volleyball

Footvolleyball Association to organize clinic in Eastern Region

By Mustapha Mohammed, President
Footvolleyball Association to organize clinic in Eastern Region
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The Eastern regional footvolley is currently one of the strongest legs of the game in the country. Footvolley was created by Octavio de Moraes in 1965 in Rio de Janeiro Copacabana Beach.

Footvolley is simply a combination of volleyball and association football. Players are to use all part of their body with the exception of their hands.

In footvolley, the foot replaces the hand. Footvolley Ghana which was founded by its current national president Mr Mustapha Mohammed started gaining ground in Ghana in 2014. Today, footvolley is one of the fastest-growing sport in the country.

The aim of this event is to promote Footvolley and use sports as a tool /enabler to achieve sustainability by improving waste management systems along with in Ghana specifically Accra.

The Association was created to develop Footvolley in Ghana and positively influence the Sporting Industry and the society especially the coast to achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) 6 through the Clean Beach initiative.

We believe this project will help the nation economically, as it is geared towards empowering the youth, recycling waste, educating and creating awareness through community-based initiatives.

This game through clean beach has embarked on many cleanup exercises along the coast and Ghana at large.

The region has been able to raise so far three teams in three districts namely: Koforidua, Asuogyaman and Nsawam.

These teams have been very active and involved in various competitions organized in the country and have been successful.

As part of our developmental plans to increase sport participation in the region, the region would organize the second edition of footvolley clinic and cleanup exercise under the auspices of the Ghana Footvolley Association and on the same platform, the regional executives will be unveiled.

We are very proud to be associated with Alkamin Mineral water to organizing the footvolley clinic at Eastern Region on the 21st of September, 2021 at Koforidua Secondary Technical School ( KOFORIDUA SEC-TECH) Galloway, Koforidua.

This event welcomes all ages and genders to experience this amazing and enjoyable sport in Koforidua said by Mr Bowky Acheampong the Eastern Regional Footvolley President.

The region intends to extend its tentacles to make sure that each district in the region has a team.

We also intend to introduce the game to Senior High Schools in the region to serve as the foundation for the raising of district teams.

When we are able to get up to 10 districts in the region having footvolley teams, the region would start a footvolley league in 2023.

The region also plans to get in touch with individuals and cooperate bodies that would present a unique opportunity to enhance the tourism’s Industry and the economy of Ghana through a strategic, deliberate, and conscious effort by reducing government expenses on waste management in the country and make Ghana one of the cleanest cities in the world.

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