04.07.2001 Sports News

Disabled Wins Tricycle Race

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Aliu Alhassan, a shoe-repairer clocked 17 minutes to emerge as the winner in the first ever tricycle race for the physically disabled.

He received a "ghetto blaster" as his prize.

Issahaku Dokurugu, also a shoe-repairer, came second with a time of 17 minutes 19 seconds while Ibrahim Yussif, unemployed clocked 17:40 seconds to place third.

They each received a standing fan and a table fan respectively as their prizes.

The five-kilometre event, which was organised by the Care for the Disables (CADs), an affiliate of the Catholic Church, was nearly marred when bicycle and motor-bike riders crossed into the street to ride alongside the competitors injuring a lot of people in the process.

A military medical on a standby gave treatment to the injured.

Activities in the Municipality came to a near-standstill as people thronged the street to watch the race since it was the first ever.

Fifty-eight competitors including 15 women took part in the competition

In the female division, Mary Dery, a seamstress came first. She received a piece of wax print as her prize.

Jacqueline Yorgri placed while Ayishetu Yahaya, came third. For their prizes, they received a set of bowls and an electric iron respectively.

Each participant also received three bicycle tyres, three inner tubes and products from Nestle.

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