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11.01.2021 Sports News

Decathlon Ghana committed to supporting Ghana Sports

By Sammy Heywood Okine
Decathlon Ghana committed to supporting Ghana Sports
LISTEN JAN 11, 2021

Mr Jafaru Mustapha, Communications Manager of Decathlon Ghana has emphasized his company’s commitment to supporting and increasing the profiles of Ghanaian athletes.

Speaking to Yours Truly at the McDan Park at La where Decathlon Ghana supported the carnival to herald the 2020/2021 Ghana Women’s Premier League (WPL), he said their aim is to reach everyone who loves sports.

He said Decathlon products are durable and affordable, so every home in Ghana must try to get some of their sports products, and they supply all sports items, from footballs to jerseys to boots to tennis, basketball, hiking, camping, golf, swimming, handball, table tennis, tennis and others like skipping ropes, gloves, rackets, caps, bags, training shoes, soaks, boxing gloves, punching bags and anything sports.

He urged Ghanaians to patronize their quality and comfortable products which can turn ordinary sportsmen and women into superstars.

Mr Mustapha said they are opening up with a new shop at Kawukudi, near Nima, Roman Ridge and Airport residential area in Accra and pray the youth and age, as well as male and females, will go to Decathlon for all their sportswear and equipment.

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