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Eastern RFA Seals Sponsorship Agreement With iGimel Sportswear Worth $35,000

Eastern RFA Seals Sponsorship Agreement With iGimel Sportswear Worth $35,000
LISTEN JUL 13, 2020

The Eastern Regional Football Association has secured a historical mouth-watering sponsorship worth $35,000 with iGimel, a renowned kits manufacturing company based in the United Kingdom.

Mr. Linford Asamoah, the Chairman of the association with the Executive Council representing the clubs in the region, deliberated and negotiated with the kits company for an attractive package for both the association and its affiliated clubs. In the contract, iGimel Sports Wear, apart from the sponsorship money, will become the official supplier of the Eastern Regional Football Association paraphernalia starting this month of July 2020.

Both parties endorsed their part of the deal by signing an agreement form. The company will kit all on-field and off-field players and coaches, including clubs accessories and equipments. Through in-house production, shipping processes and clearing, iGimel Sports Wear will provide kits for the clubs at equal quality, discounted and an affordable cost along with club's customized colours and logos of choice.

The seller will sponsor all the league at the tune of money $35,000 as part of the partnership arrangement and scheme. In the second year, the seller will, together with willing and capable clubs, start a programme to arrange European tours.

The Eastern Regional Football Association has 75 affiliated Division Two clubs, with more than 100 Division Three, 150 Juvenile clubs and 12 women football clubs across the region and provides a comprehensive club development curriculum that benefits more than 19,500 players.

As one of the largest Regional Football Association in Ghana, and with an improved reforming footprint across the country, Eastern RFA is creating a brand of football unavailable anywhere else in the country. The organization’s extensive network of Executive council, professional coaches and technical staff are dedicated to the betterment of football across the nation and developing quality football players within the football industry. And iGimel brings with it like-minded parties set on providing quality service, care, and growth to all member clubs outfitted in the region.

The Eastern RFA's Chairman, Linford Boadu Asamoah, expresses his gratitude to the clubs for their faith in him as their leader and supporting this sponsorship with iGimel Sports Wear. He states, “ iGimel Sports Wear understands our vision of developing, promoting and administering football through clubs by creating a player pathway from recreational, competitive, elite to a professional level on the football ladder. Also, iGimel Sports Wear will provide great international opportunities to enhance our brand on the global stage. We look forward to a great partnership with iGimel as we move into this new era".

As a member of the Ghana Football Association, the Eastern RFA continues to solidify its place within the highest ranks of both youth and professional football through its Vision Statement. We continue to make tremendous strides on the field, as we build upon the association's administration of clubs and players development.

Off the field, as part of our core values, we are keen on initiatives and timely execution of projects which is second to none in the country. Our organizational philosophy, model and values through the clubs positively affect each community in the region.

iGimel Sports Wear was established in 2013 in the city of London by the Director and majority shareholder Dennis Kofi Koranteng, with the mission to provide quality fabric and design for high-level performance on the field. The brand’s innovative, world-class training gear, equipment and uniforms have yielded many global recreational, youth, club, colleges, semi-professional and professional sports partnerships.

The iGimel Sports Wear director stated; "the brand was born out of adversity, yet it glided on the terrains of possibilities and inspiration, right from the onset. The decision to enter the Ghanaian market is base on a working expedition in March this year with the Eastern RFA in Ghana.

The desire was humped and the objective was carried in the powerful womb of determination to help local clubs across the country". The brand is offering a unique combination of modern sportswear design, player and coaching education with a taste of elite football standards. The brand's value is epitomised in these slogans; "We sell you more than just a fabric; we sell you inspiration"

About Eastern RFA
Eastern RFA is committed to creating a strong alliance of football clubs representing the region at all levels and establish an attractive brand for investors of our game that will result in opportunities for all stakeholders.

We will promote the development of character, the electricity of competition and the importance of capacity building programs. We accept the responsibility of teaching life lessons to our Clubs, players and Referees to further their growth inside the game and out. We believe that all players should be afforded equal opportunity to explore their potential and participate in challenging circumstances that will yield positive outcomes.

We are committed to making football a pleasant, safe and rewarding experience for everyone involved, regardless of age or ability. Through quality coaching, sound leadership and absolute sincerity, the Eastern Regional Football Association will work to be the best Regional Football Association in the country.

About iGimel Sportwear
iGimel Sports Wear is an innovative sportswear manufacturing company and our core business objective is personified by our brand and fabric. We aim to stir the passion in athletes to give them a high technical quality as sportsmen and women.

The iGimel brand stands for something far bigger than the sense of sports fashion. It feeds the ultimate core of human competitiveness, its a lifestyle. visit

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