02.07.2020 Football News

GFA Partner FA’s of Ireland, Portugal & Finland For EU Funded Project

GFA Partner FA’s of Ireland, Portugal & Finland For EU Funded Project
LISTEN JUL 2, 2020

The Ghana Football Association (GFA), has entered into a partnership with the Football Associations of Ireland, Portugal and Finland to undertake a project co-funded by the European Union.

The project which is called Social Inclusion Education & Training Exchange for Sport Professionals, Coaches and Volunteers – (SIETE SPORT) is in the area of mobility and exchange and aimed at building competencies towards inclusive football.

The Football Association of Ireland which have specialty in the area of mobility and exchange will lead this project.

The GFA and the other 3 European Union based Football Associations will work on the thematic areas of social inclusion in and through football.

The format of the program will include workshops, seminars, visits to football clubs, football programmes and training (online platform, inclusion awareness/fair play).

The project will also seek to bridge the gap between theory and practice, enhancing competencies, knowledge sharing and peer to peer learning opportunities.

The GFA is cooperating with the Sports Directorate of the University of Ghana which would coordinate the work of the Ghanaian team.

GFA and the University of Ghana have brought on board representatives from the Sports Authority, NGO’s and clubs, coaches, sports industry professionals, and volunteers.

The final exchange seminar in Ghana to conclude the project, will provide an opportunity for greater face to face networking among the four (4) football associations involved in the project and also engage wider local actors in Ghana around the discussion on sport and social inclusion (football and social responsibility).

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