Modern Ghana Photo Reports

Modern Ghana Photo Reports


Joe, Hamburg-Germany | 12/22/2022 2:32:59 PM

Of course, the people of Ghana have in no way attacked and lynched anybody who claims to be LGBTQ in Ghana, like the whgite supremacist do to black people in the USA. All that the people of Ghana asking of Americans and Europeans is to stop arrogantly dictating to us in Africa about what should be our moral values. The moral values of Americans and Europeans are not and can not be that of african moral values. In our society, we do not exhibit and demonstrate any form of sexuality in the open environment, so please, do not come provocating the good people with your immoral sexual demonstrations on our streets, communities and schools with the motive of demanding equal rights for LGBTQ. We do not need that in Africa. Whatever any one does sexually in his or her four walls, so long as a child is not involve, does not concern the society or the morals of the communities, we have in Africa. So pleas, cease your arrogancy on Africans!


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