Modern Ghana Photo Reports

Modern Ghana Photo Reports


Charles, UK, | 9/8/2021 1:48:21 PM

Very irresponsible statement,when you won the 2013 elections at the court,The bias Attubiga told the nation that elections are the polling station not at court,such hollow statements creat violence and people loose thier poor lives, Mr Mahama, is better you think before talk as a communicator,is becos of these loose talks, boot 4 boot, all die be die,born out of violence etc poor people are loosing thier lives,send your own children to the polling stations to face the wrath of the aggressive voters, Very irresponsible at the highest level,you sound like you were in an influence of Alcohol, l will advice you to train or prepare someone to replace you for your time has totally elapsed, f**l die for the want of wisdom!!!


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