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Tyisha Sam

  • Age:41
  • Hometown:connecticut
  • Location:hartford, United States

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happy aber

happy aber


patricklord | 7/24/2013 1:03:35 PM

I bescribe myslf as a god-
fearing a
a very responsible guy you
would ever met. I am health
conscious and l believe
staying fit and healthy
makes our life more
enjoyable and meaningful. A
friendly person who
treasure good friends, and
values good term
relationship and all l want is
2 be happy with somebody
who will love me. I am
seriously and hopeing to
find e lady or woman who
can take me to the isle of the
church and promise to live
with me forever.someone
who as a kind heart, very
is having sense of humor. A
lady or woman who values
friendship and wants also a
long term relationship and
long lasting one. Most of all,
she must be faithful,loyal
and will reamin loving in our
entire life. Needing someone
who is kind,and can accept
me for who l am, what l am
and who l was.
Nevertheless,who can show
me the true meaning and
essence of love in each of
our lives. who will cherish
me forever, will protect and
care for me and will never
ever change his treament to
me throughout the years.
Most importantly, a lady or
woman who will be ready to
fight the storm that we will
be facing. My friends regard
me as a
cheerful,kindhearted person.
I like meeting up with
friends. I am very
hardworking and
responsible person. I am a
responsible and loving guy
or man and l always make
sure my kidz are safe and
will have a good future. I am
seriously looking for a lady
or woman who is ready for
lifetime partnership. She
must not be the one looking
for fun but who is serious
and wants to be committed.
I need a lady or woman who
is family orientend and who
is ready to face all the
challenges in life and will
never ever leave me behind
when troubles come. Above
all, a lady or woman who is
a believer and a true good
model to evryone and a god-
fearing one as well.

ayisha | 8/4/2013 9:09:14 PM

i want to be ur friend

khaled | 10/27/2013 11:31:21 AM

iam from egypt like to marry a lady like u if u agree to chat let us wattsup on 00201116097734


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