Live Text Day 42: Addison set to focus on unsigned pink sheets

The Supreme Court continues the hearing of the Presidential Election Petition on Day 42.

Philip Addison is likely to continue questioning the star witness of the Electoral Commission Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan

Yesterday, the Judges had to intervene on who should sort out list of unsigned pink sheets.

They finally asked the Petitioners to do the sorting out. The Petitioners also promised to handover that list to the Respondents.

If that has been done, then it is expected that Addison will continue his cross-examination on these unsigned sheets.

Proceedings will not travel its natural lifespan of 10:00am to after 4:00pm. The hearing will end by 2pm to make way for another live telecast of the U-20 semi-final clash between Ghana vrs France in Turkey. will bring you live text of both telecasts. For now, we stay with the Election Petition