Police Hospital Gets Facelift

In line with plans to make the Police Hospital a medical institution of repute, a number of development projects were undertaken to facilitate the provision of better healthcare to its patrons in the year 2012.

Brigadier General Dr Juswant Manty Wadwani (rtd), Medical Director of the Police Hospital, who made this known at the 2012 West African Security Services Association end-of-year party, noted that the hospital, in the past year, undertook new initiatives and advancement in healthcare delivery.

Enumerating some of the changes and developments at the hospital, he said, 'Anyone who finds time and visits the OPD, the annex and the mortuary will see some changes.'

According to him, the changes included a new Out Patients Department (OPD) surgical theatre, an emergency resuscitation centre, VIPs' and senior officers' waiting room and a dining facility.

Apart from a nicely constructed waiting area at the mortuary and evidence of tapping underground water through four bore-holes for use at the hospital, an intensive care unit  is also currently under construction.

However, Dr Wadwani was worried that some projects which were supposed to make the revamping of the hospital complete had stalled.

Some of the projects that have stalled include the upgrading of the hospital under the new development of the Police Hospital project and the construction of access ramp to the dialysis unit at the annex.

'I know with the dynamic leadership of the Inspector General of police (IGP)  and the Police Hospital Management Board, we will see these projects energized and brought to life to assist the hospital achieve international status as a level four health facility by United Nations peace keeping standards and a place of excellence,' he said.

COP Rose Bio Atinga, Director of Administration of the Ghana Police Service, delivering a message on behalf of the IGP, Mohammed Alhassan, noted that the hospital played a pivotal role in policing in Ghana by taking care of sick officers and the public in general.

She urged the staff at the hospital to continue to be professional in their service delivery.

'In the execution of your various roles, do not discriminate between the public, officers and other ranks. All people deserve to be treated the same.'

 By Emelia Ennin Abbey