Volta Regional House Of Chiefs Protests

The Volta Regional House of Chiefs considers the decision of the Volta Regional Coordinating Council (VRCC) to plan a durbar to welcome the President into the region as an usurpation of their responsibility.

The House feels it is their responsibility to organise the durbar of chiefs and not the VRCC.

This came to light at the first annual meeting of the house at Ho which also aimed at preparing towards the presidential visit.

What brought tempers of the Chiefs to a scalding temperature was the letter from the RCC requesting the house to send a representation to the VRCC to plan the durbar.

President of the House, Togbe Afede XIIII, expressed his displeasure at the letter and exclaimed, “ I am not happy about the way they treat us at all, after all who should plan a durbar of chiefs, we or the RCC”.

The main agenda of the meeting, according to Togbe Afede, was to brief the house on the visit of some members to the President. The visit was to bring some pertinent issues affecting the House before the President. These, he said, included work on the Eastern Corridor Road network, the infrastructure of the Volta University, the recognition of their paramountcies, the establishment of a Gas terminal in the region and the resolution of chieftaincy disputes still pending before the courts.

According to Togbe Afede, another issue the house has before it is their sister-region relationship with the Ningxia Autonomous Region in the Republic of China. The relationship is being brokered by the Volta Regional Development Agency.

On the Chieftaincy disputes, he said the house felt there was the need to expedite their resolution. The outstanding disputes in the region which was very thorny was the Anlo-Chieftaincy dispute which had six suits filed in the courts.

Togbe Afede said the house was of the feeling that they should be allowed to handle the above cases to ensure peace and if possible, prove that an alternative resolution mechanism could be employed.

Apart from that, there are also 27 judicial cases which need immediate solution.