The value of a woman's love

Has anyone really sat down to think of how a good woman's love affects people positively?

Wait a minute! Does a woman really go through the struggles of pregnancy and pains of childbirth even when an unfaithful guy put her through it?

Just hold on! Does she also have sleepless nights when the baby is born, wakes up early to go to work and come back to prepare food for the family?

Have you ever thought of why a woman still struggles to take good care of that child when the man decides to abandon them? Does she really give the little food available to the child and go hungry herself? It's unbelievable!!!

Come to think of it, does a woman scold her child and still pamper her not to cry? She even goes to the extent of caring for other people's children. What a love?

Away from the mother and child, can a good woman's love affect a man? Yes, do you believe that a man can commit suicide because a woman didn't love him?

He lost that good woman's love and went mad. Have you ever come across this case?

Has it ever occurred to you how A GOOD woman's love can make a man better himself in ways he never thought?

Yes, that is the power of a Good woman's love.
In her love, she pampers you, feeds you, cleans you, beautifies your home, makes you comfortable and above all, even when she is tired, makes a man feel like a real man. She says 'thank you' after making love as if the man did the entire job. Without her, a man can't survive in the game of lovemaking.

Men please accept this, not as a defeat but as a way of showing our good women the gratitude they deserve.

Ponder over these questions and appreciate the value of a woman's love because it is worth appreciating. Kudos to all our Good Women in The World.

He said he will follow through with the Judicial Council to ensure that justice is done to the baseless allegation.

By Marian Arthur