Armed robbery is making Ghana unattractive for investments-Pastor

Apostle Schambach Amaniampong, Mission Director
of the Christian Redemption International Ministry, on Sunday appealed to
the Government to take proactive action against the rising spate of armed robbery in order to make Ghana an attractive investment destination.
He said the level of insecurity being created by violent crime was undermining government's drive to make Ghana a hub of investment and a destination for “The Golden Age of Business.”
Apostle Amaniampong, who is also the President of Impact Ministerial International Network, Africa and Director of Schambach Theological College, made this observation to the Ghana News Agency in Accra, during the graduation and ordination of 45 prophets, 12 reverend ministers and 10 pastors at the Christ Temple of the Church in Accra.
He noted that, for Ghana to be a safe haven for investment calls for politicians who are circumspective about their public pronouncements.
Apostle Amaniampong said this year's General Election should be based on issues and not personality attacks in order to bring down the political tension that could undermine national stability and integration.
He said Ghana was divinely favoured, hence the need for those in authority to seek God's intervention to insulate Ghana from the adverse effects of the rising cost of food and global hunger.
Apostle Amaniampong observed that the Bawku ethnic crises called for religious intervention in order to curtail the shedding of blood for peace to reign supreme in the area.