Queens Pride Premieres @ Silverbird

MOVIE PRODUCTION house Silver Line Films will this Friday premiere its latest installment, 'Queens Pride', at the Silverbird Cinema.

Having been around for some time, Silver Line Films is not yet known on the premiering front like Venus Films and Sparrow Productions.

Friday's premiere is thus expected to whip up a new era for the outfit which is on the threshold of becoming another force to reckon with in Ghana's moving picture industry.

Currently, it has close to over 16 movies to its credit, among which include 'Indecent Favour', 'After The Promise', 'Rebel's Heart', and 'Love Is Wicked'.

And although 'Queens Pride' will be the first movie to be premiered by the production house, it might not be its last as the company could continue the trend if Friday's debut proves successful.

The movie's storyline has been described as outstanding, and that is why Silver Line Films implores movie enthusiasts to come and see the movie for themselves. It is an interesting tale of love, where different shades of love are exhibited, amidst betrayal, denial and deceit.

With the screenplay by Hajia Mei Zongo and Ken Steve Anoka, who is also the director, the movie tells the tale of Queen of Anaba Land (Kalsum Sinare) who decides to give her daughter (Yvonne Nelson) to the Prince of Zongaland (Emma Emoabina).

Little does she know that the Princess has fallen in love with a common servant of the Anaba throne called Sagama, played by John Dumelo.

What happens consequently are interesting scenes fans must see for themselves as the Princess somehow gets kidnapped. John Dumelo and Yvonne Nelson were said to be phenomenal in the movie.

The red carpet grand premiere is expected to be a star-studded one as a number of celebrities will make appearances. It anticipated to also attract a number of dignitaries whose names are not yet known.

After Friday's premiere the movie will be subsequently screened each night, from 6pm to 8pm. 

 By Francis Addo