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Should There Be A Cap On The Number Of Ministers A Government Can Appoint?
20-03-2017 | 11-04-2017
Votes: 977


kofi Bonsu | 3/21/2017 6:34:15 PM

The government need to concentrate on the economy, education, healthcare , investments, instead they expand the government by appointing their friends and create unreasonable positions. All the revenue that Ghana earns are use to pay these ministers who does nothing for the country. Doctors , teachers, nurses and a host of others constantly go on strike and the government still repeat the same mistake time and time again. This is enough. it's time for good forward thinkers to take this great nation to a better place. Someone better than what we have now.

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Chief Asare | 3/24/2017 1:05:58 PM

"But who has to initiate it"?

kwasi Eric | 3/24/2017 2:07:41 PM

one thing we should note is that , the executive alone does not constitute the government. the legislature, the judiciary and other important institutions together forms the government. there had been always an increase in the size of the legislature. It was increased I think last four years or so from 225 to 275. The point is anytime there is an increase in size of the legislature, we don't talk. But when the legislature is increased we start talking about an increase in government as if the executive alone is the government. If the president think the work is huge and needs more hands to foster the smooth running of the country, nothing prevents him from doing it.

OHENENANA | 3/25/2017 1:40:18 PM

It will depend on the task and the situation the President finds himself.We should not put a cap on the ministers the President will choose.

Vincent Nutsugah | 3/27/2017 12:56:47 AM

The gravity of work in the country should call for the number of ministers to have.
We can't compare the state of the country in 1957, ...... till now to be the same hence number of ministers to be chosen must correspond to the amount of work to be done in the country.
Therefore I think there should be no CAP on the number of ministers a government should have.


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