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wheres god?

there two boys and they live in a small little town in virginia. These two boys are especially bad and are always in trouble. after the two boys got cought for steeling one day there mothers sent them to talk to the town priest. So the two boys went to talk to the pastor and the pastor asked the smallest child to come in and talk to him. well the pastor asked the young child "do you believe in god?" the young boy answered shyly "yes" so the pastor said ok "do you know where god is?" the young boy had a puzzled look on his face and said "nope" so the pastor said again "do you know where god is?" the boy looked back and said "i alreay told you no" so the pastor asked a last time "do you know where god is?" at that time the boy ran out the room and to his older brother. The older brother asked "whats wrong?" the young boy answered "were in big trouble now" "oh well were always in trouble whats the big deal?" the young boy answered "now God is missing and they thing we've done it."


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