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Don't Mess With Women

One day, this lady is golfing, and she hits her ball in the woods. she goes to look for it, and intead finds a frog in a trap.

Hey, it says. Let me go and I'll grant you 3 wishes.

Ok, she says. So she frees it, and it says,

Sorry, forgot to tell you. whatever you get, your husband gets ten times the amount of whatever it is you wish for.

Ok, fine.

So, the frog asks, what's your first wish?

I want to be the most beautiful women in the world.

Fine, it says. Suddenly, she's gorgeous.

You are the most beatiful woman. But now your husband is ten times more handsom than you.

Thats ok, she say. He only has eyes for me.

Whats your second wish? it asks her.

I want to be the richest woman in the world. The frog then says, ok, but now your husband is ten times richer.

Thats ok she says. Whats his is mine, whats mine is his.

OK, the frog says. that is your last wish. what is it gonna be?

I want a mild heart attack.


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