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an inquisitive young man was on a flight to hawaii and was having a few drinks to celebrate his upcoming vacation so he was quite alarmed to discover that the mens room was under repair so he asked the stewardess for admittance to the ladies room "certainly" she replied "as long as you dont touch the WW ,PP,or the ATR buttons of course the young man agreed no sooner had he relieveed himself than his curiosity git the best of him he pressed the WW button and enjoyed the sensation of warm water being sprayed on his rear this first experiment was so pleasant he decided to try the PP button and was reewarded by the feel of a soft powder puff on his rear much emboldened by the first two tries he pressed the ATR button next thing he knew he was waking up in a bright white room with nurses all around him"what happened"he asked "did you push the WW button" said the nurse"yes""and the PP button""yes" "did you push the ATR button""yes why"ATR stands for automatic tampon removal by the way your penis is on your pillow"


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