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A Commune With Nature

I live all my life in the city,
Enjoying all the modernization,
To the highest intensity.
Claiming it to be civilization.
I was enjoying it to the full
Not knowing, l was a full (fool).

I spontaneously on one faithful day,
While thinking of where to wonder,
And spend the whole day away,
Just about my life to ponder,
Followed a kind-hearted sister
To a cottage to spend the Easter.

I was dead to the city noises
In an atmosphere so serene,
With the birds' melodious voices
Eulogizing the scenic scene.
It was a breathtaking sight
That words cannot cite.

In the next morn, the sunflower
Smiled to me with pleasure
After a blessing dawn shower.
My delight was beyond measure.
My happiness was not terrestrial,
But rather elevatingly celestial.

Maybe you have been modern for long
In this information and technology age
And with it you have a bond so strong.
Take my counsel, though am no sage
And give my experience a try
For sure with relief, you will sigh.

by Gakpey Patrick

 Posted by: Gakpey Patrick

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