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If I Could Have You

If I could have you,
My heart will be you,
Our souls will be two,
Life wouldn't be meaningless,
And about the world, I will care less,
Because your love will make me fearless.
You are my source of inspiration,
Blessed are you, beautiful creation,
To you I promise nothing but devotion.
If I could see through your heart,
I'll know how best to play my part,
Even if it means taking it from the start.
I'll wipe away your tears,
While I take away your fears,
And you'll be mine for many years.
If I could have you,
I know I can make it through,
With you as my boo,
Unfortunately I can't have you.

by Felix Mensah (mystik)

 Posted by: Felix Mensah (mystik)

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quot-img-1When you afraid of a Muslim then you call him 'mallam'.

By: Sir Roy Kelly, Avian quot-img-1