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A man and a woman walked into a guesthouse n requested to spend d night. The owner of the guest house,Mr John, who is a member of Mountain of fire church, refused to allow men n women stay together in his hotel becos of fornication. d woman explained,He is my son. Not my spouse n so dey checked in. After 30mins,Mr John sent his maid to go n check if those folks re truly mother n son.
The maid came back n said: Sir,she's truly d mother. The Boss Asked. How did u confirm. D maid. Smiled=D , Sir I am sure.
I saw her Breastfeeding the Man. LOL ,HAHAHAHAHAHA.


 Posted by: no time eric


brown | 5/30/2012 9:45:56 PM

what kind of dog can you eat/
a sausage dog.


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